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Tarpon Camo V3 Wetsuit Pants – 5mm

Tarpon Camo V3 Wetsuit Pants – 5mm

Please note:

  • This is the last pair of pants we have in stock, available only in size XL. We will not be getting more in once sold. We can order anything in, so please get in touch if we do not have what you are looking for.
Tarpon Spearfishing Drop Weight

Tarpon Spearfishing Drop Weight

Introducing the all new drop weight series from Tarpon Spearfishing

Featuring a durable stainless steel belt clip, these drop weights are the ultimate dive companion. Simply detach from waist, let the coated 500g lead weight drop to the floor and watch the vibrant orange floating marker rise to the surface. You have just marked your point.


It is important to get your weight set up right when spearfishing to ensure maximum comfort and, above all, safety. If you have ANY questions regarding your weight set up, or are unsure of how much weight you may need, please call us anytime, we’re here to help.

Tarpon Speartech Speargun

Tarpon Speartech Speargun

The Atlantic Ocean inspired Tarpon to build a strong yet very fast and maneuverable speargun to meet the expectations of every spearo.

Our brand new website is now live - Homepage1 - start point spearfishing

Spear Fishing Store Is Now Start Point Spearfishing!

Start Point Spearfishing are very excited to announce that our brand-new website has launched! The old site has been completely overhauled and we’ve rebranded and we’re sure you’ll love the new streamlined experience. Click here to read more!