Bands & Wishbones

The band or speargun rubber is an essential part of the speargun responsible for propelling the shaft (spear) through the water at the target. Altering the number of bands or thickness of those bands can affect the range and power of the speargun.

The wishbone is attached to the end of the speargun rubber and is the part that hooks onto the shaft. Wishbones can either be metal or made from dyneema. Most modern spearguns are made using a dyneema wishbone as it is cheaper and easier to replace, as well as being nicer to handle and quieter in the water, when tracking the gun.

We hold a selective range of the most common speargun bands, however we can order or make in store whatever length, style or thickness of band you want.

It’s important to get the correct band and wishbone setup for your gun. Having too many bands can affect the balance of the gun. Too much power for the shaft could cause it to ripple which will affect the range and accuracy. Equally, overpowered guns will have increased kickback which will need to be compensated for and could also affect accuracy.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your band set up, or just want replacement bands for your speargun and are not sure what is right for you and your gun, please do not hesitate to call us any time.

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