Apnea Roller Muzzle Conversion Kit

Transform your Apnea speargun from either a standard closed or open muzzle setup to a Roller Muzzle setup.


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This conversion kit allows you to transform your Apnea speargun from a standard closed or open muzzle to a roller muzzle set-up.

The kit is designed to work with :

Aluminium Barrel guns:

  • Apnea Whaler
  • Apnea Rebel
  • Apnea Ghost
  • Apnea Hydra

Elliptic Barrel Guns:

  • Apnea Amorak

How Does It Work?

The roller muzzle offers more power as it allows the rubbers to
propel the spear the full length of the barrel.  With standard open and
closed muzzle designs full power from the gun is not utilised as the
rubbers don't travel the full length of the barrel, instead they only
physically propel the spear for approximately two thirds of the length.

Although this conversion is fairly easy to do, it does require a small degree of practical knowlege.

Please note that this kit contains only the muzzle and hardware
needed to convert your gun, you will also need to change the rubber
bands on your gun.  You can either buy these 18mm rubbers pre-made from
us (see related items tab), or you can make your own using bulk rubber
of your choice.  In addition you will need approx three metres of
dyneema line (also listed in the related items tab).

Our staff is available to help if necessary, just email or phone during shop hours.


Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm


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