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Our History

Here, you can learn a little about us and our history. Start Point Spearfishing, (formerly Spearfishing Store), was established in 2012 by Anthony Butcher.  In 2020, the store was taken over and rebranded to Start Point Spearfishing by Barcley Spicer Jenkins. The store is named after a local beach where Barcley learned to spearfish, but also reflects the store’s dedication to helping beginners at the starting point of their Spearfishing journey.  Now the UK’s largest spearfishing store, Start Point Spearfishing is Located in Plymouth, well known as one of the best spearfishing spots in the UK.

About Our Company

The team is made up of some of the UK’s most experienced spearfishermen and women who are on hand to give you advice and support whether in-store or online. Holding the UK’s largest supply of spearfishing equipment, we are known for our superb customer service. We also offer next day delivery across our wide range of products.

We provide a huge range of spearfishing and underwater foraging equipment including, but not limited to: spearguns, wetsuits, dive fins and computers, masks and snorkels, as well as foraging equipment such as waders, crab & lobster hooks, bags and gauges.

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Meet The Team

The team at Start Point Spearfishing are here to introduce themselves.

Barcley is Start Point Spearfishing’s managing director, leading the UK’s premier spearfishing company as the spearfishing hub of the UK. Born and raised in Devon, Barcley has been spearfishing the Devon and Cornwall coastline for almost a decade. He loves adventure and is happiest when camping on a remote beach and eating only what he has caught himself. Finding and extracting large lobsters are what he enjoys the most. He is extremely knowledgeable about wetsuits, spearguns, rigging and reels and is pretty handy in a chef’s apron too!

about us - meet the team - barcley - start point spearfishing
about us - meet the team - joe - start point spearfishing

Joe is the captain of Start Point Spearfishing’s team boat – Rosie. He first started spearfishing almost a decade ago and has been hooked ever since! Constantly searching for the best spearfishing spots for different species of fish or crustaceans, Joe is a true explorer with a passion for adventure. Before working with us, he was a secondary school biology teacher. Through his Youtube channel (Joe PK) he has inspired many to start spearfishing and promotes responsible, sustainable fishing.

about us - meet the team - ben - start point spearfishing

Ben is Start Point Spearfishing’s master craftsman based in Cornwall. He has hand crafted several unique products on sale at the store such as the famous teak lobster hook, and the Start Point wooden speargun. As an experienced Spearfisherman himself, he developed and rigorously tested the gun over the course of a year until he was finally happy with the finished product, which is truly breathtaking. Ben has many exciting projects currently underway so watch this space.

Who We Serve

We are proud to serve customers in and around the Plymouth area. We have a showroom where you’re welcome to come and browse products and try on masks, fins and wetsuits during our opening hours. We also have a huge online presence and can deliver in the wider UK and abroad.

If you need any advice on spearfishing or spearfishing equipment, Start Point Spearfishing is the place to go. You can reach us on 07518 784 002. Alternatively, you can email us via our contact form. We’d be more than happy to help.