Weight Systems

When spearfishing, being correctly weighted is essential to combat the positive buoyancy created by your wetsuit and lungs. Without a spearfishing weight belt and weights, you will expend a lot of energy trying to dive beneath the surface, also making a large disturbance in the water and scaring away any fish!

We offer a range of weight belts, weight harnesses and ankle weights to allow you to correctly weight yourself when spearfishing. Different weight set ups vary from person to person and depend on the nature of your dive, as well as simply personal preference.

We recommend you buy a rubber or neoprene belt instead of the webbing belts which, whilst cheaper, are not as comfortable and allow the weights to slide on the belt.

In terms of how much weight to use, this really does depend on many factors including thickness of suit, size and weight of the individual, depth at which you’ll be diving as well as your duck-dive technique. However, as a very general rule of thumb, you will want approx 1kg of lead for every mm of your suit. For example if you have a 5mm suit, you’ll wear 5kg lead.

If you decide to wear a weight vest/harness as well as a belt, we recommend you spread the weight approximately 1 third in your harness and 2 thirds around your belt.

When selecting weight around your waist, we recommend you choose more 1kg weights evenly spread around your waist, instead of fewer 2kg or 2.5kg weights.

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