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When you’re out spearfishing in the beautiful waters of the UK, staying warm is key to make the most of your underwater experience. It directly affects how long you can hold your breath and, ultimately, your overall bottom time. That’s why it’s worth investing in a high-quality open-cell spearfishing wetsuit and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable.

During the summer months, a 5mm spearfishing wetsuit will do the trick, providing the right amount of insulation and protection against the elements. But as winter approaches and temperatures drop, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a thicker 7mm wetsuit or grab a smooth skin jacket for that extra boost of thermal protection.

To take your spearfishing adventure to the next level, remember to gear up with neoprene accessories like socks, gloves, hoods and pissettes, which can make all the difference to your bottom time. With your hands, feet, and head well-insulated, you’ll be able to take on even colder water temperatures with confidence.

So, choose the wetsuit thickness that suits the season and add those neoprene accessories to create a warm spearfishing setup. Remember, your comfort, warmth, and safety are paramount to enjoy your time underwater and make the most of those incredible spearfishing adventures.

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