Spears and Shafts

Shafts and spears differ in their hardness, thickness, flopper type and tip as well as being either notched or finned to suit metal wishbone and dyneema wishbones respectively.  Choose from our wide selection of Apnea, Beuchat, Cressi, Imersion and Pathos shafts to find the perfect spear for your speargun.

Choose Sandvik steel Pathos shafts with tricut tip for ultimate hardness and durability.  Choose Apnea finned shafts with double bevel tip and double flopper for unbeatable value for money.  Choose Immersion shafts for spearguns with metal wishbones for fantastic value for money.

The majority of our replacement shafts and spears are 6.5mm as this is an excellent choice of thickness for UK waters.  We are able to accommodate a variety of other thicknesses and flopper styles, however, simply give the store a call on 07518 784 002 so that we can discuss your needs.

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