SPS 2 Metre 2 Piece Fibre Glass Pole Spear

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This quality pole spear is constructed using fibreglass and is made up of two sections plus detachable tip.

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Start Point Spearfishing 2 Metre 2 Piece Fibreglass Pole Spear.

This quality pole spear is constructed using fibreglass and is made up of two sections plus detachable tip.

When fully assembled using all three sections the total length of the spear/tip is 2 metres.  If a shorter spear is desired, it is also possible to make the spear up using only 1 out of the 3 sections .  Depending on which of the sections you join together to make the 1 piece spear so you can make a 118.5cm piece pole spear.

The rubber sling supplied is of a length designed for the complete 2 meter spear.  If you using a single section you would need to shorten the rubber sling.

Being made from two sections the spear breaks down nicely for travelling.  The longest section of the pole spear is just under 70cm long.

The Poles pear comes complete with both the tip and rubber sling.  Spare tips and slings are available for this item.

The pole spear sections measure as follows :

  • Rear section (where band attaches) 103cm
  • End section: 51cm without tip – 96cm with tip fitted

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 84 × 17 × 5 cm

13 reviews for SPS 2 Metre 2 Piece Fibre Glass Pole Spear

  1. Keith Jacobs

    Nice product – Great price. I also own another pole spear and this is all but identical, but much better priced. Wish I would have seen this item when i purchased my first spear!

  2. Jeferson

    Really good for small fishes! Easy to carry! Lovely! 🙂

  3. Dag

    I wouldn’t recommend this. It snapped in two the fourth time I used it…after a couple of uses it was already wobbly at the joins.

  4. Stephen

    the pole Is versatile in that it can be used to form combinations by using either 1, 2 or all 3 pieces as varied length poles. What I dislike is the ridge formed on the pole where 2 pieces thread together, it puts a ‘bump’on the outer edge so doesn’t slide through your hand/fingers sommthly

  5. Colby

    An awesome choice for anyone. A very good product by SFS that I love. Its strong, durable and so easy to use and travel with. Caught a good amount of fish with this!

  6. Vinnie Carroll

    The rear and middle sections of this pole were pretty well crooked when screwed together. I could possibly straighten these by flexing them, however the top section was completely loose where the pole fitted into the metal ferrule allowing the top section to flop around and meaning the spear would be very crooked indeed no matter what way you held it. I am not a craftsman but if I made this in my garage I would hang my head in shame. I can not recommend it.

  7. Jordan

    Great product for price, the threaded part is a bit uncomfortable when shooting but thats what you get with the compact design. Still brilliant

  8. Daniel Augustin

    very fine value for money. a little skew in alignment but otherwise a great performer.

  9. Sqn

    A nice flexible spear in terms of the ability to make it short enough to pack readily. However, the barbs are not sharp enough and are set at the wrong angle to properly shot even a small fish.

  10. David

    does the job just fine, and good for flattys on the beach too

  11. William

    I bought this specifically for the disassembled size, it’s just right for travelling. entirely functional and the weight is not an issue.

  12. spearfishing101

    this is an amazing spear especially for the money perfect addition to anyone arsenal a must buy

  13. Ryan

    Cheap and basic but you get fish. I don’t think spending a load more on a polespear would get you more fish in UK waters. I once had one glued in at a 45º angle but the store sorted this issue fast and at no extra cost to me.

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