Basic Snorkelling Package


If you are after a snorkelling package, look no further!

The Start Point basic snorkelling package will certainly get you in the water, with a low volume mask perfect for snorkelling and diving at depth, a silicone snorkel and Cressi Rondinella fins to propel you in the water.

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This is a great quality snorkelling package at a fantastic price, it’s the perfect package to get you in the water!

The package includes the Start Point Aspetto mask, silicone snorkel, Cressi Rondinella fins package in a light duty net bag.

Start Point Aspetto mask:

  • teardrop shaped lens engineered to provide an excellent field of vision
  • extremely low-volume design
  • easy to adjust swivel buckles positioned directly on the silicone skirt for a hydrodynamic, low-drag design
  • reduced skirt in weight and volume
  • matte black skirt doesn’t reflect light, making you stealthier underwater
  • tempered, scratch resistant glass lenses
  • Mask can be folded flat for compact packing, ideal for use in a tech redundancy kit

Cressi Rondinella Fins:

  • foot pocket is coalesced with the blade to form-as-one with the blade
  •  very durable and lightweight, yet resilient polypropylene material that optimises performance and blade stability
  • soft, flexible thermo-rubber (elastomer)
  • light and powerful: they are easy-to-use, not-too-demanding, and perform-generously at the same time

Start Point Silicone Snorkel:

  • flexible tube with bounce back ability to prevent snagging when swimming
  • snorkel keeper, simple and effective attachment system
  • exceptionally soft mouthpiece
  • colour Matte-Black


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 75 × 28 × 15 cm
Cressi Foot Pocket Size

36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47


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