SFS Fibreglass Pole Spear Replacement Tip

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SFS Fibreglass Pole Spear Replacement Tip.

SFS Pole Spear Replacement Tip for use with SFS Fibreglass Pole Spear – this does not fit IST Pole spears as the threads are different!

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Weight 1.10 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 4 cm

4 reviews for SFS Fibreglass Pole Spear Replacement Tip

  1. Jurgen

    when you never missed before the fish literally swim themselves on this tip, however if you miss….than its kinda over, i tried to sharpen them but didnt really work. if you are hunting over sand for flounders/flatfish it is perfect

  2. Colby

    Its a good cheap speartip option for pole spears.

    Cheap to replace
    Easy and light to use
    Big Target area so hard to miss with

    Can bend quite easily when you miss fish and hit a rock but it can be bent back in to place.
    It can really mess up the fish meat when you pull it out if you hit the body but that’s probably just me being fussy.
    I find it quite hard to put the safety cap back on but again, probably just me.

    Regardless of what I said I still use this a lot.

  3. Kenneth

    Bit clumsy butt robust fore bottom shoots … almost nuke prof i would think….

  4. Garry

    Once a fish has a good hit they stick in good. They can get damaged on the rocks, but for the price they are great.

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