Velcro Knife Strap


Excellent for the spearfishing man or woman who wants a comfortable knife in sight.

The velcro elastic strap adjusts easily to any arm or leg and is designed to hold your dive knife securely.

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The velcro strap knife holder from Start Point Spearfishing is made from robust, high quality materials. The strap  easily inserts into the knife holster and fit’s most dive knives, regardless of brand.

Elasticised so that the knife remains firmly in place even at depth with wetsuit compression.

Unlike the ‘hard to secure’ rubber straps the velcro closure makes it quick and easy to secure your dive knife to your arm or leg.  The high stretch band keeps your knife in place even at depth with wetsuit compression!

A popular choice with Spearfishing men and women. It’s the ultimate accessory for your dive knife!


  • Heavy-duty nylon with adjustable strap
  • Easily attaches to sheath
  • Quickly secures by velcro to arm or leg
  • Adjustable velcro quick release closure

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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